Charlie Always Sunny Dating Profile Shirt

Dude, who doesn’t love the episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when the guys help Charlie make an online dating profile? By far one of my favorite episodes and my hands-down favorite officially licensed design, the Charlie Dating Profile t-shirt. I’ve seen tons of similar designs floating around online, but this one is next level. You can score this design via TV Store Online or check out this list of Always Sunny shirts.

Adrian Peterson Driven Fitness App

I would never consider spending $3 dollars on a fitness and training app, unless it was from Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. And today (9/19/13), ESPN reported that Adrian Peterson’s Driven App was officially released.  The app will focus on “strength and “speed” and begin with 12 different workouts over the course of a month – the AP way of course. Here’s the link to iTunes.

Air Powered Marshmallow Bazooka Gun

The Marshmallow Mazooka has taken toy gun fights to the next level. With the ability to fire marshmallows up to 40 feet using a battery-powered air supply, this looks like too much fun. 40 feet might be a stretch, but this will probably work just fine for in-home combat. You can probably think of a ton of reasons to get this marshmallow Bazooka, just make sure to read the reviews first! Where was this when I was young?

Buy Drop Stop Car Wedge

Think really fast.

How many times have you dropped your keys, cell phone or McDonald’s fries down the cracks of your brand new car? Think about this.

What if someone made a product that stopped objects from falling out of your pocket and into the great abyss? A simple product that simply creates a snug barrier between your seat and center console. Here’s the good news.

Drop Stop, recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank has solved this annoying problem.

For $19.99 you get (2) Drop Stops which will fit pretty much any model car.

Learn more at: or purchase from Amazon

Steve Wants to Draw a Cat for you

When is the last time you wanted someone to draw a cat for you? It’s a thought that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, until now. If you saw ABC’s Shark Tank tonight, you probably remember Steve Gadlin. The guy that will literally draw a cat for you for $9.95. The concept is simple. You give a description and Steve will draw you a cat. That’s it. Sound like an odd business idea? Then ask Mark Cuban, the billionaire Owner of the Dallas Mavericks why he just invested in Steve Gadlin’s cat drawing business. Go to and congratulate him on closing the deal.

The Bazinga Snuggie Blanket

If you watch the Big Bang Theory, your face is twitching like Sheldon’s when he couldn’t solve the final question in the Physics Bowl. If you don’t watch, you just found your gift for the holiday exchange. Don’t worry, someone you work with is a big fan of the show. The Bazinga Snuggie also known as the Comfortability Cloak goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Shock ‘Em Foam Finger

This isn’t your ordinary big foam hand you get at the ball game. This is the Original Big Foam Shocker. A raunchy product that will surely get you some extra attention at the ball game. Busted Tees has you covered if you’re ready to take your superfan status to the next level. CHECK IT ($13).
The link above now goes to Busted Tees’ Stuff Page as the Big Foam Shocker is currently not available. Hopefully it’ll be back