Make a Library with Custom Wallpaper

If you’re like me, you haven’t read a book since…well, almost a book, once. But, now you’re kinda of a big deal. You got the big house with the extra room, but it’s as empty as the bottle of beer in your hand. Here’s the solution, Library Wallpaper.

If you didn’t notice, all those books in the background are fake. It’s a high-resolution wall paper that will turn your “storage room” into a “smart room.” Just add your vintage leather couch and that 60” plasma you’re flexin’.

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Reusable Pouch Flask Set

The Original Disposible Flask is a must for any ninja drinking session. When you need to stash 5oz of liquor in enemy territory, you can’t be packing a hard stainless steel flask. Game over. What you need is these reusable pouch flasks complete with airtight, twist-off caps. Cheaper than a domestic at the game. $7.50

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Spy Tank Controlled by iPad

The app-controlled spy tank is a gift that will excite any techie. This rover has it all. A built-in microphone, an adjustable camera boasting both live video and still photos. Oh, and it’s got infrared night vision. The possibilities are endless. The best part, this spy tank is controlled using your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. It makes it’s own Wi-Fi connection and has a range of approximately 200 ft.
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Bluetooth Retro Handset

Do you still have a retro handset with a cord? Like the one Lenny Kravitz was rockin’ in an episode of TMZ? Well, times have changed. The Smart Masses at Think Geek have made a major improvement to the trendy retro handset.

This old school cell phone handset is powered by Bluetooth (V1.0, 1.1, 1.2) making it totally within a 30 ft range. So, forget about getting tangled in your cord. Package includes the handset, USB cable and detailed instructions.

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Legendary Barney Stinson Suitjamas

It’s time to take your night wear to the next level with these legendary Barney Stinson Suitjamas. These officially licensed How I Met your Mother pajamas will ensure you are looking dapper at all hours of the night. They’re 80% silk and 20% cotton providing comfort and breathability at night. Suitjamas include Three Piece Pajama Suit and Tie.