Busted Tees: 4 Mystery Tees for $30

If there is one online t-shirt retailer that you can trust, it’s Busted Tees. They’ve been pumping out super awesome t-shirts since 2004. Oh, and it was started by the dude’s from CollegeHumor.com. Anyway, just wanted to give you the word on the street about the Busted Tees Grab Bag.
Simple concept. Pick your size and the Busted Staff will randomly pick you 4 Tees for $30.  For those who are math challenged like myself, it works out to $7.50 per t-shirt. Since each Busted Tees design fetches about $20, you know you are scoring a deep discount.  There’s just one catch, you gotta have the guts to gamble on the designs you will receive.  No exchanges or returns offered for the Grab Bag Program.
Keep the designs you like? Sell the rest on eBay?