Steve Wants to Draw a Cat for you

When is the last time you wanted someone to draw a cat for you? It’s a thought that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, until now. If you saw ABC’s Shark Tank tonight, you probably remember Steve Gadlin. The guy that will literally draw a cat for you for $9.95. The concept is simple. You give a description and Steve will draw you a cat. That’s it. Sound like an odd business idea? Then ask Mark Cuban, the billionaire Owner of the Dallas Mavericks why he just invested in Steve Gadlin’s cat drawing business. Go to and congratulate him on closing the deal.

The Bazinga Snuggie Blanket

If you watch the Big Bang Theory, your face is twitching like Sheldon’s when he couldn’t solve the final question in the Physics Bowl. If you don’t watch, you just found your gift for the holiday exchange. Don’t worry, someone you work with is a big fan of the show. The Bazinga Snuggie also known as the Comfortability Cloak goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Shock ‘Em Foam Finger

This isn’t your ordinary big foam hand you get at the ball game. This is the Original Big Foam Shocker. A raunchy product that will surely get you some extra attention at the ball game. Busted Tees has you covered if you’re ready to take your superfan status to the next level. CHECK IT ($13).
The link above now goes to Busted Tees’ Stuff Page as the Big Foam Shocker is currently not available. Hopefully it’ll be back

Liquid Ass Fart Spray

Remember when you had to step on a glass vial to activate a stink bomb? Well, times have changed. You can now carry liquid ass air freshener wherever you go. This handy size spray bottle contains tons of stinky fart mists worth at least of few healthy laughs with the co-workers. Perfect for the white elephant or office gift exchange and easy on the wallet. Almost 200 solid Amazon Reviews will fill in any gaps.

Amazon Search: Stink Bombs | Read the Reviews | BUY

Vitamins for People who Drink

Do you drink a lot? Are you missing key nutrients as a result of your late-night binge drinking? You may want to consider switching to a multi-vitamin specifically designed for people who drink. Since I am not a medical professional, I am only letting you know there is a vitamin for people who drink. I would suggest reading the Amazon Reviews on this product to learn more.

Amazon Search: Multi-Vitamins | Read the Reviews | BUY