Air Powered Marshmallow Bazooka Gun

The Marshmallow Mazooka has taken toy gun fights to the next level. With the ability to fire marshmallows up to 40 feet using a battery-powered air supply, this looks like too much fun. 40 feet might be a stretch, but this will probably work just fine for in-home combat. You can probably think of a ton of reasons to get this marshmallow Bazooka, just make sure to read the reviews first! Where was this when I was young?

Buy Drop Stop Car Wedge

Think really fast.

How many times have you dropped your keys, cell phone or McDonald’s fries down the cracks of your brand new car? Think about this.

What if someone made a product that stopped objects from falling out of your pocket and into the great abyss? A simple product that simply creates a snug barrier between your seat and center console. Here’s the good news.

Drop Stop, recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank has solved this annoying problem.

For $19.99 you get (2) Drop Stops which will fit pretty much any model car.

Learn more at: or purchase from Amazon