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The Bazinga Snuggie Blanket

If you watch the Big Bang Theory, your face is twitching like Sheldon’s when he couldn’t solve the final question in the Physics Bowl. If you don’t watch, you just found your gift for the holiday exchange. Don’t worry, someone you work with is a big fan of the show. The Bazinga Snuggie also known as the Comfortability Cloak goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Legendary Barney Stinson Suitjamas

It’s time to take your night wear to the next level with these legendary Barney Stinson Suitjamas. These officially licensed How I Met your Mother pajamas will ensure you are looking dapper at all hours of the night. They’re 80% silk and 20% cotton providing comfort and breathability at night. Suitjamas include Three Piece Pajama Suit and Tie.

Hoodie with Built in Headphones

The isn’t your normal hoodie. This is high-tech clothing. It’s called the Hoodie Buddie. The drawstrings are stereo headphones and your device is connected to a standard headphone jack in your right pocket. So no need to get tangled-up in your headphones anymore. The only problem is you can’t wash a Hoodie Buddie – joking, joking. They are 100% machine washable and come in tons of colors and designs. Available in stores or online at jcpenny. BUY

Busted Tees: 4 Mystery Tees for $30

If there is one online t-shirt retailer that you can trust, it’s Busted Tees. They’ve been pumping out super awesome t-shirts since 2004. Oh, and it was started by the dude’s from Anyway, just wanted to give you the word on the street about the Busted Tees Grab Bag.
Simple concept. Pick your size and the Busted Staff will randomly pick you 4 Tees for $30.  For those who are math challenged like myself, it works out to $7.50 per t-shirt. Since each Busted Tees design fetches about $20, you know you are scoring a deep discount.  There’s just one catch, you gotta have the guts to gamble on the designs you will receive.  No exchanges or returns offered for the Grab Bag Program.
Keep the designs you like? Sell the rest on eBay?