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Spy Tank Controlled by iPad

The app-controlled spy tank is a gift that will excite any techie. This rover has it all. A built-in microphone, an adjustable camera boasting both live video and still photos. Oh, and it’s got infrared night vision. The possibilities are endless. The best part, this spy tank is controlled using your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. It makes it’s own Wi-Fi connection and has a range of approximately 200 ft.
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Bluetooth Retro Handset

Do you still have a retro handset with a cord? Like the one Lenny Kravitz was rockin’ in an episode of TMZ? Well, times have changed. The Smart Masses at Think Geek have made a major improvement to the trendy retro handset.

This old school cell phone handset is powered by Bluetooth (V1.0, 1.1, 1.2) making it totally within a 30 ft range. So, forget about getting tangled in your cord. Package includes the handset, USB cable and detailed instructions.

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Hoodie with Built in Headphones

The isn’t your normal hoodie. This is high-tech clothing. It’s called the Hoodie Buddie. The drawstrings are stereo headphones and your device is connected to a standard headphone jack in your right pocket. So no need to get tangled-up in your headphones anymore. The only problem is you can’t wash a Hoodie Buddie – joking, joking. They are 100% machine washable and come in tons of colors and designs. Available in stores or online at jcpenny. BUY

iPhone Desktop Handset

Transform your iPhone into a sleek desktop handset. Navigate through your apps while contributing to that important conference call. This retro iPhone headset ($60) from Hammacher connects to your iPhone’s headphone jack and keeps charged via your USB or wall charger. The stand is constructed with anodized aluminum and stays in place using non-slip silicone pads. This cool gadget will also work with any other phone given it has a standard earbud jack.

Tembo Trunks Earphone Speakers

If you are looking for a unique Apple gift, consider Tembo Trunks. Simply clip in your Apple headphones and these turn into instant speakers amplifying your music up to 80dB. The best part, these are 100% shockproof and have no electrical components. So, toss them around or leave them in the snow bank. This is a gift that won’t disappoint. Survey says, ($39).