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Ninja Star Coat Hook

If you don’t hang your jacket on a Ninja Star Coat Hook, you’re probably not a real ninja. It’s ok. You don’t need to be a highly trained, ninja star thrower to add some badass to your crib. This dangerous shuriken ninja star will screw into most walls. And, if you’re a science buff wondering, it’s made from nickel plated zinc alloy. That’s strong, right?
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Please note: You will receive one ninja star per order not three.

Spy Tank Controlled by iPad

The app-controlled spy tank is a gift that will excite any techie. This rover has it all. A built-in microphone, an adjustable camera boasting both live video and still photos. Oh, and it’s got infrared night vision. The possibilities are endless. The best part, this spy tank is controlled using your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. It makes it’s own Wi-Fi connection and has a range of approximately 200 ft.
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