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Bluetooth Retro Handset

Do you still have a retro handset with a cord? Like the one Lenny Kravitz was rockin’ in an episode of TMZ? Well, times have changed. The Smart Masses at Think Geek have made a major improvement to the trendy retro handset.

This old school cell phone handset is powered by Bluetooth (V1.0, 1.1, 1.2) making it totally within a 30 ft range. So, forget about getting tangled in your cord. Package includes the handset, USB cable and detailed instructions.

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Hoodie with Built in Headphones

The isn’t your normal hoodie. This is high-tech clothing. It’s called the Hoodie Buddie. The drawstrings are stereo headphones and your device is connected to a standard headphone jack in your right pocket. So no need to get tangled-up in your headphones anymore. The only problem is you can’t wash a Hoodie Buddie – joking, joking. They are 100% machine washable and come in tons of colors and designs. Available in stores or online at jcpenny. BUY

iPhone Desktop Handset

Transform your iPhone into a sleek desktop handset. Navigate through your apps while contributing to that important conference call. This retro iPhone headset ($60) from Hammacher connects to your iPhone’s headphone jack and keeps charged via your USB or wall charger. The stand is constructed with anodized aluminum and stays in place using non-slip silicone pads. This cool gadget will also work with any other phone given it has a standard earbud jack.

Tembo Trunks Earphone Speakers

If you are looking for a unique Apple gift, consider Tembo Trunks. Simply clip in your Apple headphones and these turn into instant speakers amplifying your music up to 80dB. The best part, these are 100% shockproof and have no electrical components. So, toss them around or leave them in the snow bank. This is a gift that won’t disappoint. Survey says, ($39).