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Shock ‘Em Foam Finger

This isn’t your ordinary big foam hand you get at the ball game. This is the Original Big Foam Shocker. A raunchy product that will surely get you some extra attention at the ball game. Busted Tees has you covered if you’re ready to take your superfan status to the next level. CHECK IT ($13).
The link above now goes to Busted Tees’ Stuff Page as the Big Foam Shocker is currently not available. Hopefully it’ll be back

Reusable Pouch Flask Set

The Original Disposible Flask is a must for any ninja drinking session. When you need to stash 5oz of liquor in enemy territory, you can’t be packing a hard stainless steel flask. Game over. What you need is these reusable pouch flasks complete with airtight, twist-off caps. Cheaper than a domestic at the game. $7.50

Amazon Search: Plastic Flask | Read the Reviews | BUY

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Tembo Trunks Earphone Speakers

If you are looking for a unique Apple gift, consider Tembo Trunks. Simply clip in your Apple headphones and these turn into instant speakers amplifying your music up to 80dB. The best part, these are 100% shockproof and have no electrical components. So, toss them around or leave them in the snow bank. This is a gift that won’t disappoint. Survey says, ($39).

Bakila Barefoot Running Shoes

Bakila FiveFingers Barefoot Running Shoes by Vibram available on Amazon for $90-$100.
Designed to create lower-body muscle confusion, possibly leading to bigger and stronger calf muscles. Whether these work or not, they are super comfortable. You can read all Amazon Reviews and decide whether these will fit your specific workout program. Either way, you will looking cutting edge! The perfect gift for the hard-core runner or someone trying to increase the size of their calfs. Here’s the vitals:
  • 3 mm polyurethane insole
  • 4 mm anatomical outsole
  • Dri-Lex interior lining that actively wicks moisture
  • 3M reflective surfaces that make you more visible to others in low-light situations