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Buy Drop Stop Car Wedge

Think really fast.

How many times have you dropped your keys, cell phone or McDonald’s fries down the cracks of your brand new car? Think about this.

What if someone made a product that stopped objects from falling out of your pocket and into the great abyss? A simple product that simply creates a snug barrier between your seat and center console. Here’s the good news.

Drop Stop, recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank has solved this annoying problem.

For $19.99 you get (2) Drop Stops which will fit pretty much any model car.

Learn more at: or purchase from Amazon

Steve Wants to Draw a Cat for you

When is the last time you wanted someone to draw a cat for you? It’s a thought that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, until now. If you saw ABC’s Shark Tank tonight, you probably remember Steve Gadlin. The guy that will literally draw a cat for you for $9.95. The concept is simple. You give a description and Steve will draw you a cat. That’s it. Sound like an odd business idea? Then ask Mark Cuban, the billionaire Owner of the Dallas Mavericks why he just invested in Steve Gadlin’s cat drawing business. Go to and congratulate him on closing the deal.