Liquid Ass Fart Spray

Remember when you had to step on a glass vial to activate a stink bomb? Well, times have changed. You can now carry liquid ass air freshener wherever you go. This handy size spray bottle contains tons of stinky fart mists worth at least of few healthy laughs with the co-workers. Perfect for the white elephant or office gift exchange and easy on the wallet. Almost 200 solid Amazon Reviews will fill in any gaps.

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Vitamins for People who Drink

Do you drink a lot? Are you missing key nutrients as a result of your late-night binge drinking? You may want to consider switching to a multi-vitamin specifically designed for people who drink. Since I am not a medical professional, I am only letting you know there is a vitamin for people who drink. I would suggest reading the Amazon Reviews on this product to learn more.

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Scary Prank Furnace Duct

This is a graphic of a scary guy in your furnace duct. Well, he’s not actually that scary but he’s sure to scare the crap out out of someone in your home or office. It’s a high-resolution graphic that closely resembles a furnace duct. It’s backed by 1/8” of plastic giving it a more real appearance. Simply stick it anywhere. Includes removable 3M mounting squares and measures 12” x 8.5”. $29.99
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Ninja Star Coat Hook

If you don’t hang your jacket on a Ninja Star Coat Hook, you’re probably not a real ninja. It’s ok. You don’t need to be a highly trained, ninja star thrower to add some badass to your crib. This dangerous shuriken ninja star will screw into most walls. And, if you’re a science buff wondering, it’s made from nickel plated zinc alloy. That’s strong, right?
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Please note: You will receive one ninja star per order not three.

Make a Library with Custom Wallpaper

If you’re like me, you haven’t read a book since…well, almost a book, once. But, now you’re kinda of a big deal. You got the big house with the extra room, but it’s as empty as the bottle of beer in your hand. Here’s the solution, Library Wallpaper.

If you didn’t notice, all those books in the background are fake. It’s a high-resolution wall paper that will turn your “storage room” into a “smart room.” Just add your vintage leather couch and that 60” plasma you’re flexin’.

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